Are you in need of well pump replacement in Orange County, Sullivan County, Pike County, or Sussex County?

One call to us provides you with a professional and competent service technician who has the expertise and experience to diagnose and troubleshoot your well pump problems. Whatever the predicament is, Deerpark Oil has the knowledge and training to find the problem and resolve it. We have been repairing and replacing well pumps for over 26 years.

Well and Pump Service

  • Troubleshoot Water Systems       
  • Locate Well Head
  • Well Pump Repair                         
  • Raise Well Casing Cap
  • Well Pump Replacement             
  • Disinfect Well
  • Install Pumps                                 
  • Lightning Insurance Claims
Home Well Pump Replacement Diagram

Well Pump Maintenance

Preventive maintenance of your water well system is one of the best ways to avoid problems and costly repairs. Having your system checked periodically by a well pump specialist can detect problems before you lose all water flow. Professional maintenance is vital for keeping your system in adequate operating condition.

Well Repair Service

We are a full service well pump repair company.  Service from well to house and repair or replacement of underground water main. No need to call several contractors for the job.  Regardless of the cause, we will quickly find the problem and restore you water flow!

More Water Pump info from Deerpark Oil

  • Well Pumps are an important part for people who live outside of central water distribution systems.
  • Well pumps work by pumping water from deep inside the well into the house and being stores into the pressurized well tank.
  • Maintenance on well tanks is important to prevent the well pump from short cycling and burning the pump out before its life expectancy.
  • Well tank pressure should be checked to prevent short cycling of pump.
  • By providing a simple check on your well tank we can help prevent premature damage to your pump. We can also check for proper operation of pressure switch and signs of corrosion to well tank and piping connected to well tank.
  • Even if you wake up in the morning and realize you have no water pressure, don’t sweat it. We have been repairing and replacing well pumps for over 26 years.
  • We have the equipment to pull your submersible pump and make the repairs needed to get your water back on within hours.
  • We can also perform well extensions, replacement of water lines from well to house with our own excavation equipment. No need to call several contractors for one job.

NYS Certificate Water Pump DEC10635