At Deerpark Oil our prices are competitive, but we offer so much more.  The real value we offer is quality service, dependability, convenience, trust, and safety.

  • Service and Maintenance (Oil and Gas)
  • Complete heating system installations (Oil and Gas)
  • Natural gas system installations, service and repair
  • Propane system installations, service and repair
  • Oil tank replacements and removals
  • Air Conditioning repairs and installations
  • Well pumps
  • Plumbing Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: 
  • Annual Tune-Up and Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Performance Plus Service Plan
Propane Condensing Boiler Installation & Service
Oil Tank Replacement
Radiant heat installation
Boiler installation Deerpark oil

24-Hour Emergency Service: 

Our skilled licensed technicians are on-call and ready to address any emergency no heat, no water, or plumbing situation.  Please call (845) 856-6565, if it is after hours please speak with our answering service and they will contact our technician that is on call.

If your heating unit fails to operate or you have no hot water:

  1. Make sure there is oil in your tank.
  2. Your thermostat is set above room temperature.
  3. Be sure that the oil burner switch is on.
  4. Press the re-set button on your furnace ONLY ONCE.

If your heating system still fails to function properly – CALL FOR SERVICE (856) 856-6565

Annual Tune-Up and Maintenance

To avoid unexpected equipment failure, we recommended that your heating system be tuned up annually.  Yearly maintenance will ensure that your equipment operates at maximum efficiency.   


  • Reduces unexpected service calls.
  • Prolongs equipment life.
  • Heating system runs cleaner.
  • Saves you money on energy bills.

When you get your heat system tuned by Deerpark Oil, our technicians will perform the following 15-Steps:

  1. Remove smoke pipe & flue collector
  2. Brush heat exchanger, smoke pipe, chimney base, fire box and vacuum.
  3. Disassemble burner, removing pump, burner motor, air bands and nozzle assembly.
  4. Clean end cone, and remove dirt/dust from burner housing.
  5. Inspect all parts on burner and replace if needed.
  6. Replace filter and nozzle.
  7. Inspect heat exchanger/fire box.
  8. Inspect smoke pipe and chimney base.
  9. Check fuel pump pressure.
  10. Check safety timing for proper safety.
  11. Check safety switch for proper operation.
  12. Perform electron combustion test.
  13. Inspect fuel lines from tank to burner.
  14. Test for carbon monoxide from unit.
  15. Review any issues with customer.

Schedule your heating system tune-up today by contacting our office at     (845) 856-6565. Did you know that our Performance Plus Service Agreement includes your annual tune-up?


We install today’s best quality brands. We install high-efficiency units that can save you as much as 30% of your annual energy bills.  Installations are done promptly and neatly, giving you many years of comfortable, efficient, and reliable heating.  Our master technicians are experts at installing and servicing a comprehensive line of heating products.  We understand the engineering requirements necessary to provide for the integration of sizing, configuration, control, and technology to meet your home’s specific needs. Some of the products we install include:

  • Crown Boiler Co.
  • Burnham
  • Beckett
  • Buderus
  • SlantFin Boiler & Baseboard
  • Bradford White Water Heaters
  • American Standard
  • Franklin Pumps
  • Roth Tanks
  • Granby Tanks

Whether you are in need of an equipment upgrade, repair, or maintenance, Deerpark Oil is at your service. We pride ourselves in educating and informing our customers about the products we install and maintain to help our customers make the best decisions on the right equipment to meet their needs.

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Service Plan

Our Performance Plus Service Agreement will keep you worry free on the coldest of nights.  Protecting your heating equipment is easy and affordable with our service plan.  This service agreement will provide you with the full benefit of service and parts one full year. 

Our Performance Plus Service Agreement includes the following:

  • 15-Step Annual Efficiency Tune-Up
  • Emergency service
  • Over 50 parts replaced ONCE at NO charge
  • Most labor at NO charge

Enjoy warmth, security, and comfort this year with our Performance Plus Service Agreement!

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