Service Plans with Deerpark Oil

Our Performance Plus Service Agreement will keep you worry free on the coldest of nights.  Protecting your heating equipment is easy and affordable with our service plan.  This service agreement will provide you with the full benefit of service and parts one full year. 

Our Performance Plus Service Agreement includes the following:

  • 15-Step Annual Efficiency Tune-Up
  • Emergency service
  • Over 50 parts replaced ONCE at NO charge
  • Most labor at NO charge

Enjoy warmth, security, and comfort this year with our Performance Plus Service Agreement!


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Boiler Service Deerpark Oil

15-Step Annual Efficiency Tune-Up

Annual tune-up helps save on energy bills, avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your unit. knowing your system is safe and ready for the year ahead. Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  1. Remove smoke pipe & Flue collector
  2. Brush heat exchanger, smoke pipe, chimney base, fire box and vacuum 
  3. Disassemble burner, removing pump, burner motor, air bands and nozzle assembly
  4. Clean end cone, and remove dirt/dust from burner housing
  5. Inspect all parts on burner and replace if needed
  6. Replace filter and nozzle
  7. Inspect heat exchanger/ fire box
  8. Inspect smoke pipe and chimney base
  9. Check fuel pump pressure
  10. Check safety timing for proper safety
  11. Check safety switch for proper operation
  12. Perform electronic combustion test
  13. Inspect fuel lines from tank to burner
  14. Test for carbon monoxide from unit
  15. Review any issues with customer

Performance Plus Service Agreement Covered Parts

  • Air Scope
  • Air Tube
  • Aquastat
  • Aquastat with Well
  • Automatic Bleeder (Boiler Room Only)
  • Balancing Valve
  • Blower Complete (up to 1/2 HP)
  • Blower Motor (up to 1 /2 HP)
  • Boiler Drain ( Boiler room only)
  • Boiler Relief Valve (up to 1 “)
  • Burner Coupling
  • Burner Fan
  • Burner Motor
  • Back Flow Preventer
  • Cad Cell
  • Cad Cell Eye Complete
  • Circulator Complete (up to 1 /2 HP)
  • Circulator Gaskets
  • Circulator Flanges
  • Circulator Relay (prove type only)
  • Combustion Chamber (up to 2 GPH)
  • Delayed Oil Valve
  • Domestic Relief Valve
  • Draft Regulator (up to 8″)
  • Dual Valve
  • Electrodes
  • Emergency Switch
  • End cone
  • Extrol Tank (Max #60)
  • Fan and Limit Control
  • Fan Control
  • Feed Valve
  • Flow Check Valve(up to 1-1 /4″)
  • Firematic Valve
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Pump Gasket and/or strainer
  • Flue Pipe (up to 8″ up to 1 O’)
  • Igniter/Transformer
  • Limit Control
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Low Water Cut off (electronic prove type only)
  • Mixing Valve
  • Nozzle
  • Nozzle Adaptor
  • Nozzle Line
  • Oil Check Valve
  • Oil Filter Cartridge (excluding Kleem Filters)
  • Oil Filter Complete
  • Oil Safety Valve
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Temperature Gauge
  • Pressuretrol
  • Primary Control
  • Relief Safety Valve (up to 1 “)
  • Sight Glass and Washers (steam)
  • Standard Tank Gauge & Vent Alarm
  • Switch Relay
  • Thermostat Standard
  • Tiger Loop
  • Triple Aquastat
  • Zone Valve
  • Zone Valve Complete

During the life of this agreement, Deerpark Oil will provide reliable prompt crisis service 24 hours a day
7 days a week. Crisis service constitutes NO HEAT, SERIOUS FUEL LEAKS, OR HAZARDOUS CIRCUMSTANCES.
All other services of insufficient heat, no hot water, partial failures on multiple zones systems or other non-emergency covered under contract will be performed during normal working hours, Monday through Friday 8am to 4 pm. Non-emergency work, if requested after hours or holidays, will be billed at standard after hours rates.

Terms & Conditions

1. Deerpark Oil Performance Plus Service Agreement is only available to customers who are on Automatic Deliver}’. Customers must have an account in good standings. This agreement is offered to home owners that have rentals as long as the owner/tenant consistently purchases fuel from Deerpark Oil. Customer agrees that this service agreement will terminate if the customer/Tenants are not consistently purchasing fuel from Deerpark Oil.
2. A heating system tune-up will be performed once during the service plan term, during regular working hours, as scheduled by our service department. It is the customer’s responsibility_Jo arrange a date for the Annual Efficiency Tune-Up (Must be done within 30 da s of contract). Deerpark oil is not responsible if maintenance is not performed due to unavailability of customer to schedule this service. Service call is Not covered if Annual Tune-up is not performed.
3. Any labor and/or parts billed prior to acceptance of this agreement cannot be credited. Repairs required to correct pre-existing conditions are not covered by the plan and will be charged at the company’s normal rate.
4. Deerpark Oil reserves the right to reject any service plan after inspection of the customer’s heating system.
5. Customer cannot assign or transfer this agreement without the prior written consent of Deerpark Oil. No modifications, additions, or changes may be made to this agreement except in writing, signed by all parties. This instrument contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto. This agreement shall remain in effect for one year from the date of acceptance.
6. Any changes, adjustments, or repairs made by homeowner or other company, unless authorized or approved by Deerpark Oil in writing, shall terminate its obligation hereunder.
7. If customer is paying monthly through a budget plan and decides to cancel for any reason prior to completion of the current year’s agreement, customer is responsible for paying in full for service plan or for services rendered.
8. Hot water coils, oil tanks, oil lines, zone dampers, Zone control boards, power venters, water and heating lines excluded from this agreement.
9. Deerpark Oil shall not be liable for any loss, damage, consequential damages, negligence, breach of contract, or any damages of any nature based upon express warranty, implied warranty, or other legal theory due to nonoperational or malfunction of the equipment, including damage to property or personal injury caused by the equipment, unless said malfunction or nonoperational of said equipment is due solely to the negligence of Deerpark Oil.
10. Deerpark Oil is not responsible for the condition of the oil storage tank, its components or the accumulation of sludge, sediment, bacteria , water, or frozen lines. Service calls related to the condition of the storage tank are not covered under this agreement.
11. The express warranties contained herein are in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Without limitation, Deerpark Oil shall not be liable upon any warranty theory, express or implied, regarding the manufacture or operation of any equipment installed by it, with exception that Deerpark Oil shall cause same to be repaired or replaced in the event or faulty operation or malfunction of said equipment and shall be liable for no other damages except as specified herein. Deerpark Oil thus disclaims any implied warranty of any nature whatsoever.
12. Deerpark Oil shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or consequential damages as a result customer breakage, flooding, fire damage, freezing, explosions, acts of nature, or any other Act of God beyond the control of Deerpark Oil.
13. The standard of workmanship hereunder shall be that which is reasonable and customary in the industry.
14. The full plan price shall be due and payable immediately upon execution of this agreement. Any labor and/or parts billed prior to acceptance of this agreement cannot be credited. Repairs required to correct pre-existing conditions are not covered by the plan and will be charged at the company’s normal rates.
15. This agreement does not cover parts or labor when malfunction is due to unattended premises; blown or loose fuses; emergency switch in the “off’ position; thermostat set too low to call for heat; lack of oil when delivery has been delayed due to delinquency in payment for fuel, Run out of oil due to non-scheduling of delivery in a timely manner. It is important to ensure that the heating system continues to function; that the customer has the residence looked over to assure proper functioning of the heating system.
16. Deerpark Oil is not liable for frozen pipes and/or damage to contents of a house with frozen pipes that are due to a defective part.
17. It is agreed that if any tax or other charges are imposed by any governmental authority with respect to the sale, delivery or disposal of the products covered hereby, it will be added to the price to be paid by the buyer. A finance charge of 1.5% per month, for an annual percentage rate of 18% , is charged on items not paid 30 days from statement date. Service plans are not in force if account is 30 days overdue. 
18. Vacant and/or seasonal homes are NOT eligible for contract unless you have alarm system and access for Deerpark Oil
19. The length of this agreement is one year and the agreement will be automatically renewed each year at the prevailing rate unless we are notified of cancellation in writing 30 days prior.
20. This contract covers 1-zone per year example 1-zone valve 1- circulator. If multiple zone valves or circulators burn out they will be charged at a discounted rate.
21. The service plan includes only the repair and replacement of parts specifically listed herein that are defective due to ordinary use or wear and tear based on the judgment of Deerpark Oil. Deerpark Oil is not liable for frozen pipes and/or damage to contents of a house with frozen pipes are due to a defective part.

Not Covered Under Contract
Service calls not related to furnace or boiler. If a service call is made and no issue is found, home owner will be charged.