Home Heating Oil Delivery in Sullivan County NY, Orange County NY, Pike County PA, and Sussex County NJ.

Deerpark Oil offers reliable full service home heating oil / fuel oil delivery to your home or business. 

We take pride in fair and affordable pricing and provide reliable delivery service so you don’t have to think twice when it comes to heating oil for your home.  

We reward our loyal customers with the best pricing we can to thank them for trusting us with providing oil and heat to their homes for years.

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Heating oil is a safe and efficient heating option that provides a cozy warmth for your home and family. It burns at a high temperature, so it heats your home and water very quickly.

Have questions? Our team is standing by to help you choose the right heating fuel for your home heating needs.

Home Heating Oil Delivery Orange County NY
Heating Oil Delivery Sullivan County NY

Heating oil furnaces can be the safest and one of the most effective ways to heat your home or business. Heating with oil is of the most effective ways to heat your home or business because the newer heating systems are highly efficient. To be sure your oil heating system stays in top running condition regular tune-ups and inspections need to be done. Having your heating system cleaned and maintained will extend the life expectancy of your furnace investment.

Running out of oil may not damage your furnace but it is much better for your heating system to not let the oil run out. There may be an extra expense to get your furnace operating again after you run out of fuel oil. Your furnace should have a safety system in place that disables the burner when the oil runs out. If you do run out of fuel in your furnace, we will need to bleed the furnace to help the furnace restart and that’s what takes more time and requires a skilled technician.

At Deerpark Oil, we have highly qualified service technicians on call 24 hours a day.  Fuel oil can be delivered to your residential, commercial or industrial location.